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Chiara Perico

Chiara did her PhD at the University of Bristol, investigating the molecular mechanisms of plant organelle movement. She joined the lab in 2020 and her research aims at understanding the role of hormones in leaf vascular development in C3 and C4 grasses

Sovanna Tan

Sovanna obtained a PhD in Plant Sciences at Paris Saclay University in France. She then got a 1-year assistant lecturer position at the Institute of Plant Sciences of Paris-Saclay (IPS2). She joined the lab in 2020 to study the relationship between cell divisions and vein formation in developing rice leaves.

Dana Vlad

Dana did her PhD at INRA, Versailles, France elucidating the genetic basis of two shoot growth QTLs in Arabidopsis. She is now working on the C4 rice project and amongst other things is our Golden Gate cloning guru.

Maricris Zaidem


Cris obtained her PhD from the University of Tuebingen/Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology in Germany, and then did a postdoc at the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology of New York University. Her previous work involved network-scale inference using Omics approaches in the course of plant stress. She joined the lab in 2021 to work on the C4 rice project, aiming to dissect the pathways that regulate vein patterning.