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Andy Plackett


Andy completed his Ph.D at Rothamstead Research Institute and the University of Nottingham on the role of gibberellin in regulating Arabidopsis reproductive development. He is currently developing transformation technology in the fern Ceratopteris.

Laura Moody


Laura finished her Ph.D at the University of Birmingham studying the evolution of armadillo-like proteins in moss. She is now working on the evolution of 3D growth.

Olga Sedelnikova

OlgaOlga finished her PhD at the end of 2016 and is staying on for a few months to finish her work on the regulation of of C4 leaf anatomy.



Dana did her PhD at INRA, Versailles, France elucidating the genetic basis of two shoot growth QTLs in Arabidopsis. She is now working on the C4 rice project and is our Golden Gate cloning guru.