Welcome to the Lab Pets page. Pets are an extension of one’s personality, so read into this what you will.

Jane’s dog

Jane has always had Airedale Terriers, a breed described as having “a large personality and lively sense of mischief”. So true – Jane’s dogs are renowned for liveliness and excitability. Gunnar was the first (obedient and loyal – lived to 14.5); Murphy was the second (a rescued delinquent who liked to stretch the rules – lived to 12). Grace was the third (a free and very intelligent spirit who died too young – 8.5).

The only IMG_2405member of the current pack is Mackeson who is so laid back its hard to believe he is an Airedale – well  that and the fact that he has ridiculous non-Airedale ears!

A true joy to look after during Jane’s holidays!

Georgie’s dog


This is Maggie the LABrador. She is very good at getting into mischief. She loves collecting stones, destroying sticks and stealing things that don’t belong to her…..including your heart

Julie’s cat


This is Lea. She hangs out in a specially fitted out rabbit hutch when outside!

Dana’s cat

Snowdrop (she)

Snowdrop was rescued from Cambridge but has adapted well to her transition to the other side.

The Lab Crab


Feeling crabby? Grab the Lab Crab.